Earlier this month, Manchester indie-pop duo Fliiis dropped their latest track ‘Venice’. Despite having a title that sounds like it could be another Chainsmokers song, they manage to sound unique and original – wading through the busy UK indie scene to make the pair stick out like a gondola on the rivers of Venice itself.

Under the surface of that cheeky cat-filled cover art is Fliiis unique brand of tropical rock sounds. There’s a somewhat exotic sounding percussion melody that kick-starts the track, but that’s far from the best moment on the song. They manage to hose down the 4-minute song in jumpy guitar melodies, thunderous piano chords and playful drum patterns, and the last moments feature some powerful, emotional vocals leading into a captivating final back-and-forth between the instruments.

Thankfully, the neatness of ‘tropical’ influenced music doesn’t hold back Fliiis when it comes to making sure they hit hard with every note and beat of the drum. It’s as far from ambient as you could hope, and given the band only started in 2016, they’ve done an incredible job making themselves sound as creative as possible without losing their DIY-indie charm.

Check it out on Spotify

Written by Sam Seaton 


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