Nottingham based indie rock five-piece D.I.D (formerly known as Dog is Dead) have finally announced the release of their second album The State We’re In for the 2nd December 2016. After the release of their debut album way back in October 2012 the boys have taken a while to work on this, however I’m sure that fans will agree it’s well worth the wait.

Headlining 110 Above Festival this summer played a large part in the run up to the album as it allowed the boys to test out their new tracks, amongst the harmonious and hugely loveable classics like Glockenspiel Song and Teenage Daughter.

The album features a few tracks, that if you’ve been following them over the past year or so, have been heard before – hint hint Fast Food EP. And after the mysterious releases of Flush and Killer Whale the boys released they’d be playing a few ‘special’ dates at the start of December; where the London date at The Shacklewell Arms falls on the release day for The State We’re In.

If you’re an eager beaver and can’t wait till the 2nd then head on over to their Spotify to hear a few of the tracks they’ve already released and make sure you pre-order the album on iTunes to help them out.

Written by Tara Matthews


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