We caught up with Cody from Brighton band High Tyde after their set at 110 Above Festival on Sunday (19th). 

So first of all you’ve just come off a pretty big tour, how was that?
It literally like blew our minds. We didn’t have any expectations. We did Dingwalls which is a fucking big venue for us and all the kids smashed it.

It was sold out right?
Yeah we sold out like 6 of the shows which was really pleasing but we’ve just gotta get bigger now.

You say you didn’t really have any expectations for the tour but were there any particular shows that massively blew you away?
Well Dingwalls was amazing. 500 people in London is fucking crazy and it’s not even our hometown. Manchester was a really cool one at Sound Control. We thought we only sold like 100 tickets but it was literally packed and kids were going crazy. They love it in Manchester.

Crowdsurfing at a sold out London Dingwalls. 

You’ve got a pretty rowdy live show too
Well yeah I feel like there’s no point playing a show if everyone’s just gonna be bored especially to jumpy sort of music.

Obviously you’ve just finished a venue tour but now you’re organising a house party tour. That’s a pretty unique thing so how did that come about?
So do you know Great Escape? So we didn’t wanna do The Great Escape so we basically wanted to do a house party. We rang up one of our mates and were like “can we do this at your gaff?” Which was all cool. We put a status out an hour before like “text us for the address” and like 150 kids turned up and just ripped the place apart so we thought we definitely need to do more of these and we’ve had loads of submissions since.

So have you tied it down to a few locations?
Yeah we’re just narrowing it down at the moment.

Are you gonna be announcing that as an actual tour?
Obviously not like addresses but I think so yeah but it’s gonna be fun, house parties are mental.

House parties definitely suit your sort of genre quite well because it’s quite aggressive.
Yeah we just strip it all back so there’s no electronics, just us in a room and like everyone vibing.

You tour quite a lot, would you say that’s quite an essential part of being in a band?
Yeah definitely, I think you can never really get the full spectrum of what a band’s about until you see them live so for example, our next tour we’re going places we’ve never really been and I think it’s important because those people can never really see you unless you go there and they have to experience what High Tyde is live, or that’s what I think anyway, because I think we’re better live.

So there is another tour in the works?
There is! I can’t say anything or give anything away, but there will be another tour yeah.

High Tyde’s last UK tour. 

Any hints as to when that’s gonna be?
I can say we’re announcing it very soon, but it’ll be like after festivals when that’s all died down.

So next for you guys is obviously a tour, but is there gonna be a single or an EP around that?
Yeah we’re gonna release some more music, possibly an EP we’re not really sure yet, just getting everything together and like placing it where it would go, but yeah definitely more music along with the shows.

Any plans for an album at all?
In the pipeline, yes, but nothing as of yet. We’re just having fun releasing these EP’s and seeing what people make of it.

Well they go down pretty well, as short bursts of creativity rather than a full length thing.
Well yeah, Safe has sort of exceeded everything I wanted it to do. I mean it’s got us to play Dingwalls and we’re hoping to take it even further.

So in terms of releasing your music, you’re not signed to a label. Is that something you’re looking at?
Not necessarily. Obviously there’s always talks with people but at the moment we’re just doing it on our own with our own team. We’ve basically just made our own thing and it’s working really well for us at the moment. We don’t wanna take it to that level until we really feel it’s the right time. At the moment, the people we’ve surrounded ourselves with as our team are great to us and everyone’s working really well and hard for High Tyde all the time.

So you don’t feel a label is essential for a band?
Well in some cases it can be essential and in some cases it can’t. Like if you’re a band and you’re touring loads, naturally you’re gonna build up tickets in every city. Say you go to Birmingham the first time there’s gonna be no-one there but you keep playing there, more people are gonna come and they’re gonna tell their friends. It’s a natural thing, like planting a seed in each city and just watching it grow.

So that’s all I’ve got for you today, but since we’re at a festival, who would your 3 headliners be?
Probably Foo Fighters first night, Kendrick Lamar maybe, just trying to think who I’ve been listening to a lot lately… Loving Disclosure, especially the new stuff, so probably them.

If you haven’t checked out High Tyde yet, I’d seriously suggest you do. Check them out on Spotify

Photograph by Sim 


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