Festival season has just begun and we’re off to our first fest of the year in a week so here’s our top festival essentials:

Loo Roll

This might be an obvious one but the amount of people who forget to pop a loo roll or tissues in their bag is crazy. Festival toilets are awful and having no tissue would make them a whole lot worse.


Jazz yourself up a bit by chucking on some glitter. It can honestly turn your 3 day old messy hair/body into a festival god/goddess with a bit of glitter slathered on. Ellie Rowsell is a big fan so why not join in?



Again another boring one but oh so necessary. Top it up throughout the day to ensure you don’t burn – festivals are never fun if you’re a walking lobster. Hint: put it on then apply glitter, the glitter will last for ages.


Chuck a jumper or hoodie in your bag for the chilly evenings, trust us it’s worth taking. It can always double up as a pillow if you don’t end up using it.


During the day pop a few sweets in your bumbag and bob’s your uncle. Sugary sweets are ideal (we like sherbet lemons) and will keep you going when you’re at the barrier for hours on end – along with the water security usually hand out.

Obviously there are so many more items you should take (tent, sleeping bag, clothes etc etc.) but these are a few of our essentials to getting by whilst temporarily living in a field. Get your wiggle on and prepare yourself.

Festivals we’re attending:


Written by Tara Matthews


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