We had the pleasure of speaking to Habitats about their origins, festival season and their future plans.

CV: Can you introduce yourself and tell us how you got into music and at what age?
H: Joe and possibly james got into music mainly through skateboarding, you tend to get loads of video parts you’d watch before going out for a skate with all these completely different genre’s that you’d never usually listen to, Mike probably got into music via his Nan, she has a HUGE collection of MOJO magazines, she’s a very cool lady. Music probably became a real entity for us between the ages of 12-16.

CV: How did you all come together as a band?
H: It started as a threeway, Mike, James and Adam started out doing covers at college then we started playing local hometown shows on a thursday night, Joe usually came to the shows. We wanted to give the sound more girth. James knew Joe through skating and he came round one day for a jam/ weird interview and it just kinda went from there.

CV: Your EP ‘Jungles’ came out a few months ago, are you happy with how it went down, not only with your existing fans but with people that might not have listened to you before?
H: This EP is interesting, We went from recording our first EP in a small bedroom and studio. And for Jungles we were lucky enough to record in this crazy renovated church in Hudson, New York! None of us really have any idea how it came about, mostly luck, but when the opportunity arrived we just had to hit up the big apple… and yeahhhh that shit is big! So as you can imagine it was quite a different vibe from what we’ve done previously. Also working with a producer for the first time was a good experience to get under our belts. We now know ways we like to work and ways we don’t. It’s been a good learning experience. As for anyone out there who has checked us out, we’re just stoked that you have!

CV: Your music is quite hard to describe or put down to a single genre, how would you describe it?
H: Going from what people have told us, we’ve labelled it as Indie/alternative/tropical/groove… But porno music is also fine.

CV: Collectively, who would you say influences you?
H: aw man it could be anyone or anything! It would be hard to all agree on one person who influences us all But things from 60’s and 70’s rock n’ roll all the way up to Phil Mitchell’s shiny cranium, just to name a few.

CV: We’re very excited to see that you’ve been added to the lineup for 110 Above Festival, are you looking forward to it?
H:Totally! it’s only a couple weeks away and we’re so stoked to be added with all these rad artists. It will also be nice to get some downtime for the weekend. MAKE SURE YOU DON’T MISS D.I.D, THEY ARE THE TITS!!! We will be there.

CV: Are there any more festivals you’re playing, or just going to, this summer?
H: We’re playing: Fest No. 6, Blissfields and Standon Calling… and we are going to: Bestival, Truck and possibly Reading?

CV: Do you have any plans you can tell us about for after festival season?
H: We’ve just been busy these past few months burying our heads in the sand, writing new material for the next release. hopefully we can get some stuff out soon, we know a tour in september is happening!

CV: To date, what is the best show you’ve played?
H: A random student night at Moles club in Bath or our last headline show at Hoxton in london. They’re all great though.

CV: What about the nicest venue?
H: It’s probably still the Lexington.

CV: Finally, are there any bands you’re into at the moment we should give a listen?
H: HMMM – Michael Kiwanuka, Ghost Poet, Whitney, Oscar, The Big Moon, Jagara…


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