If you like guitar music, odds are you probably started off with The Strokes‘ ‘Is This It’. Odds are you were also slightly unimpressed with ‘Comedown Machine’. 3 years after their slightly disappointing fifth studio album, New York favourites The Strokes have released new music in the form of ‘Future Present Past EP‘, and it is definitely worth the wait.

The 4 track EP consists of Oblivius, Drag Queen, Threat Of Joy and a remix of Oblivius.

Now, it was hard to pick a favourite but I guess it makes most sense for it to be Oblivius. The track was premiered on Julian Casablancas’ new radio show on Sirius XM.

The song opens with a quintessentially Strokes guitar riff, followed by a verse of equal Strokes obviousness. The real ear-grabbing point is the chorus, however. It comes from nowhere and gives the song a new lease of life, sounding almost like something from a Muse song.

All round, I think this a great new effort from the NYC quintet and if they carry on like this, a new album will be an absolute delight.

Written by Lee Vincent

image: source 


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