What has happened to music? The amount of decent music publications available is dire. The chart music contains no range or variety of music, just the same old pop tunes manufactured by people behind the scenes, a sense of puppetry. What has happened to the rock ‘n’ roll and the carelessness of bands who would scream at the top of their lungs to protest their opinions and beliefs.

Live music has changed but I’m not complaining. Indie bands going on tours and releasing albums and EPs and merchandise. That is what’s keeping music alive in the 21st century. Fair play to the bands that are constantly touring in order to put themselves out there and work their way up. I’m not in a band myself but I have seen what it’s like behind the scenes and the industry often treat bands like dirt. Surely promoters can understand that it’s hard for a band, a lot of effort on their behalf is required. Obviously there are some careless bands out there who aren’t bothered in selling tickets and earning themselves some credibility that instead just care about getting drunk. But most bands put all of their effort into getting a variety of gig slots and when they’re a band working to promote themselves and a show in another city then it’s going to be harder. But why don’t promoters understand this? There’s got to be more give and take and a sense of understanding within this context.

Chart music doesn’t really portray this sense though, instead unknown artists are able to just gain instant popularity. And if I’m honest, I don’t understand how it works. I just know that these artists don’t go through the same procedure. TV reality  shows are another thing, yes the artists on it may have to go through quite a few auditions in order to get into a decent place but backstage they are constantly working with professionals to help improve themselves and record labels are ready waiting to sign them.

In addition to this, the music print industry really disappoints me. What happened to the time when the magazine stands in every newsagents and supermarket was full of music publications. Now it’s rare if you find more than one hiding at the back of the stand. Take NME Magazine, that has majorly gone down hill since it began in 1952. 18th September 2015 NME became a free publication and released its first issue with Rihanna as the cover star, instantly gracing the usual readers with disappointment. The only music magazine that I can say I thoroughly enjoy reading is DIY Magazine, a smaller, independent magazine which most people probably have never heard of. Being an aspiring music journalist the lack of music publications is really disheartening as I would love to be part of the production/editorial team for a music magazine. I dread to think what music print will be like in 5 years time.

Written by Tara Matthews


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