D.I.D have made their comeback with an eight date UK tour and the release of their newest EP, Fast Food.  The Nottingham boys played and incredible gig in Brighton last night (06/11/15), one that I will never forget.

Since the release of their debut album All Our Favourite Stories in October 2012, the band went a bit off the radar, but proved their worth earlier in the year with two dates, one at their hometown Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms and one at Scala, London.

The venue seemed a modest one for D.I.D, with a capacity of just 200, this didn’t steal from the fact that the band sound huge live, and sound big enough to fill arenas. However, with a second album in the pipeline, the band will surely be filling bigger venues quite soon, as well as (hopefully) packing out festival tents and stages next year.

Obviously, the classic D.I.D songs were played; Do The Right Thing, Glockenspiel Song, Two Devils and Teenage Daughter as well as a mix of newer, different styled songs. Two new tracks, Heavy Cloud and The State We’re In, showed the Nottingham boys’ versatility and showed off, as in every song, their perfect harmonies, something that is prominent in almost all of their songs.

Tracks from their Fast Food EP went off like a bomb, as Hotel and Fast Food had the crowd going wild, and Big Lie offered some relent to their otherwise pretty mad set, for want of a better word. The band left the stage but any true D.I.D fan would have known that they would be back. How could they not play Glockenspiel Song or Teenage Daughter; essentially their most well known songs and surely a staple in their setlist.

But alas they returned for a glorious encore; consisting of the group getting off the stage, into the crowd and performing an acoustic rendition of Killer Whale, showing off their somewhat incredible harmonious skill.

Next up was Glockenspiel Song, an old song but a definite classic. It had everyone moving their feet to the grooves of Trev’s saxophone. Teenage Daughter was last, ending the set perfectly and once again proving their relevance.

In short, D.I.D are back and are, if anything, better than ever. The Nottingham lads should be dominating the scene soon enough and everybody should stick with them and enjoy it.

Written by Tara Matthews


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